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Forget Dortmund, Spurs just embarrassed Manchester United

Send your thoughts to   Spurstanbul Anyone else getting a distinct whiff of Liverpool ‘05 from this Spurs side…? Stu, Southampton   The world’s greatest left wing-back Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s SUPER JAN! Ashish S (Crazy night)   Cheers Son’s flying, nice one Is there a first XI in the world that Son would not get into and improve? Craig   Six conclusions A couple of things that occurred to me when leaving Wembley tonight: 1. Are Dortmund really all that? Apart from one Lloris save I can’t think of a moment where they really threatened. 2. Is Sancho shining in a substandard league? To be fair he looked great in the opening half an hour but seemed a little anonymous after that. 3. In total contrast to point 1; Dortmund should feel confused that the match ended 3-0 4. Llorente’s celebration tells you everything you need to know about the man – good guy. 5. Vertongen is the most underrated wing back in world football, yes I know. 6. Dortmund fans are quite brilliant. The Flan, North London    Spurs embarrassed United Now that was a proper European performance. Spurs just spanked the in-form German team with a strong, controlled, patient performance. If people had questions over what a top class manager looks like, just look at Pochetinho and what he did today, with the injuries he has, amazing. Spurs may well lose at Dortmund, but they handled business spectacularly when they were expected to. If Dortmund win 4-0 at the Signal Iduna, I cannot fault them. Away nights in Europe are crazy nights. I could go into specifics, like how Pochetinho responded to the clear threat Sancho was, and how he utilized Vertonghen and pressed Witsel throughout, destabilizing the Dortmund midfield and defense, but that’s for other nerds to cover. I don’t really care about clever tactics, I look at effectiveness and the optics. Spurs were generally comfortable after nullifying Sancho, which was a tactic made in-game, and were composed in the way they approached beating Dortmund in the second half. I didn’t need to know the tactics to see they were not being troubled. The same cannot be said of Man U, who wet their pants and basically looked like amateurs against an injury ravaged team. Most people will probably say Son, Eriksen were a 9 or 10 in terms of performance, but to me, they simply had far superior and easier to execute tactics. Compare that to Pogba who single handedly had to beat 3 players at each turn, or Rashford who had to beat the entire PSG defense. For me, that’s the mark of a top manager, one who creates systems that make is easy for the players to execute and thus makes the top players look even better. When I see Messi having to pull off world class performances so Barca can win, I always think the manager is at best average. You look at Klopp’s players, and how average they look outside his systems, whether at Dortmund or Liverpool and you realize he is a special manager. They are not many of these going around, and if a top team has a chance to get one, they should do it. Dave(Poch to Madrid, Conte to Bayern, Ole to Man U. There will be 2 winning teams and one in midtable), Somewhere   Well Spurs just made United look silly, didn’t they? Paul   Glorious Morning all, I rarely if ever write in after having been to the game, especially at Wembley (a 2-0 against Brighton, 2-0 against Watford, what could I add, and the 5-1 to Liverpool that I was so spannered after, again, I’m sure saner minds had more interesting things to say) but I feel compelled after tonight’s game. We don’t get many level-headed Spurs fans in the Mailbox so here are my conclusions/opinions/match report. After ten mins from my row six block 122 seat(right up on the halfway line) I saw Vertonghen win the ball and run it to the byline and attempt a cross and thought to myself ‘what the f**k is he doing there?!’ Fully aware we were playing a 3 at the back of Toby Sanchez and Foyth. Suddenly the tactical shape of our evening became clear and holy sh*t did I feel uncomfortable. This was not helped by Aurier’s 15th min yellow for a sloppy tackle and Foyths standard sphincter clenching Cruyff turn into two opposition players that we somehow managed to see out with no damage done. But then Eriksen started to take the armband he’s destined for at Spurs and Son, well he just started to do his smiley duracell bunny thing. Moura had his wild swing that almost went in and Dortmund had little of note going into the break. I’d say that Poch put a rocket up thier arse but I don’t think thats the case. I’m pretty sure he told em ‘keep on keepin on’ and so it transpired. 46th minute, two gin ‘n ts later and who else but SuperJan pops up, stunning cross from the left, Sonny canters in like a Unicorn and knocks it in. Cityesque some might call it. A few missed shots later and on comes ‘Nando. A brave, attacking call from Poch. I know most of my fellow spurs wouldnt have held much hope but I did think to myself ‘this is his time’. Aurier cross, who else to meet it? Super Goddamnd Jan Vertoghen thats who, with that most brilliant of celebrations to match. 3 minutes later Eriksen takes the corner, ‘Nando steps up, and THERES THE BOY WE WANTED TO SIGN TEN YEARS AGO. Wembley in raptures, strangers hugging strangers, the deposited corner of ‘The Yellow Wall’ in silence and there are old men in tears on the tube home. Football eh? Whatta game. Poch gets it in the ear sometimes for his odd tactical decisions(Son at left wing back) but bloody hell did he get it right tonight. By the 5th minute of the second half Dortmund were Dunzo. Gone. Defeated. Swept aside. No players, no depth, no signings, no home. A squad kept together with snot and rolling paper. And yet. Keep on keepin on. TGWolf(That away support was ferkin awesome)THFC COYS   Did Spurs just beat the German league leaders while missing 2 of our best players and while playing Headers and Volleys? Yes… yes we did! Thom, Bristol-based Spur   The night Ole’s dream died As a United fan I was fairly magnanimous regarding our outclassing by...


Published By: Fottball 365 - Thursday, 14 February

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