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Mails: Jose was following Fergie’s blueprint for Euro aways

Anything to say? Spill:     More thoughts on United All the talk about Mourinho’s approach in the mailbox this morning (“negative”, “scared”, “release the brakes”, etc) got me thinking about the differences in coaching in football and American football. In the NFL, teams have offensive and a defensive coordinators, with a head coach to oversee them. If a head coach is from an offensive background, he’ll hire a good defensive coordinator and give that person more responsibility and freedom than the offensive. Obviously football isn’t split into these phases as clearly – the same players have to contribute to both – but JM strikes me as the equivalent of an excellent defensive coordinator, promoted to head coach but ignorant of the need for good offensive input. Some teams have managed to win the superbowl with one side much better than the other, whether it’s a superstar quarterback carrying an average defence or a supreme defence carrying a pedestrian offence – but the teams that consistently compete have always recognised the need for balance. Even the Patriots with Tom Brady at QB have had dominant defences supporting him. So I completely agree with Big MUFC – he’s a manager with a great record of winning early in his time with a team, but he’s never managed to get a consistent balance between attack and defence without just leaving the attack to do their thing. If I were a Man Utd fan, I’d be livid with his attitude as well – he’s taking no responsibility for coaching the attacking players to better themselves. As someone who just likes to see exciting football, Man Utd are about the last Premier League team that I’d choose to watch. Ollie, Bristol   Just a quick one to any United fans still beating a drum for Jose. Do you – honestly – think that any of the other top six managers wouldn’t be able to get better performances from your squad? Imagine Klopp with Sanchez, Rashford and Martial! Or Pep or Poch with Pogba and Lingard. It’s definitely Jose. Not the players. Dan, London   …Musings from last night: 1. Valencia is finished, his legs are gone and I think he knows it. Cannot support the attacks and is struggling to cover the CB’s. 2. Ashley Young at left back has to stop. Actually Ashley Young Man Utd footballer has to stop. 3. Is Jose over achieving with this United team ? Last nights back four consisted of 2 former wingers over 30 and our 3rd/4th CB pairing ? this has been the case since Bailly got injured. Bailly and Jones looked solid. Definitely 2 fullbacks have to be purchased. 4. Midfield do not support the attack, there is no Scholesy run into the box, there is no 30 yard thunderbastards… 5. Why do Matic & Pogba have to take 4-5 touches before passing.. it is killing any tempo the team can build… 6. What is scary is Jose doesn’t look too bothered when Utd perform like this… he actually seemed to be happy. We gave up 20+ attempts to Sevilla & we had 1 shot on target…. 7. The best signing United could make right now is Pochettino or Luis Enrique. Paul MUFC (Dublin)   …If there is a footballing god of fate we should expect to see Vincenzo Montella sprinting along the Old Trafford sideline in a couple of weeks celebrating a Seville away goal, as dear old Jose looks on forlornly. Here’s hoping! Thanks Chris   …Apologies if the point has been made already, but Man Utd’s problem surely lies in Mourinho’s approach to European away legs. BT were banging on last night about preserving a clean sheet for the home leg and “keeping Sevilla at arm’s length”. Let’s leave aside the fact that, but for the last c 15 mins, Man Utd did no such thing and relied on their superhuman goalkeeper. Mourinho has played for a 0-0 away for years. Even when in vogue 10-15 years ago it stank. Now that teams are fitter and more sophisticated going forward, it reeks. Will Sevilla be tired by the travel? Short of an Icelandic volcano, no. Will they be intimidated by Old Trafford? Of course not – they wouldn’t be by any English ground, except maybe rarely Anfield and even more rarely Stamford Bridge (see Napoli 2012 for a rare example – they admitted as much afterwards). Will Mourinho let slip the dogs of war? I wouldn’t hold your breath. At Chelsea we saw this against Atletico in 2014. All going swimmingly when Torres scored, then they equalised and it went up in smoke. For Atletico read PSG, read Liverpool (twice), read Barcelona 2009 (not Mourinho’s management, but his team). Chelsea did best when we went for the jugular away in the first leg (Liverpool 2009 is the best example). But Mourinho simply won’t do it. All well and good if you genuinely can defend flawlessly for 180-plus minutes. As soon as the other team nick an away goal, you just look like the fool who’s willingly surrendered the chance to score goals that count double. Sam, CFC SW6   Boom, boom If it’s offensive football he likes, probably should have stayed at United. On last night’s viewing, their football is far more offensive than anything Arsenal ever serve up. Alex G, THFC   Backing for Jose It was only after reading the Mailbox earlier that it dawned on me that I had turned the match over early last night and missed the part when Sevilla scored four thereby effectively knocking United out of the CL. Nope, I just checked again and it did in fact end a 0-0 draw, away from home in the last 16 of the CL at a stadium that Sevilla have only lost once all season (bizarrely not to highflying Liverpool, who ‘only’ drew against them home and away). Had Lukaku or Rashford scored one of their decent chances then it could arguably have been seen as a great away European result. Obviously ifs and buts count for nothing, so we drew 0-0 and will only know after the second leg if this was a good result. In terms of the performance, it was far from inspiring and we are clearly struggling for goal scoring form. However, to play (red) devil’s advocate, we had plenty of those types of performances at this stage of the competition under Fergie; check out the match reports for our CL last 16 games against Marseille (0-0 in 2011), Inter (0-0 in 2009)...


Published By: Fottball 365 - Thursday, 22 February, 2018

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