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Mails: Nobody celebrates trophyless success better than Spurs

Some Tottenham fans are starting to grate a little Aside from some monetary inaccuracies, I have to say to Tom G, class email.  Could not agree more. No fan celebrates and brags about mediocrity better than a Tottenham fan. So glorious is this free flowing mediocrity, that they rely on 1 player to score approximately 45% of their goals (or another way of looking at it, 1 injury away from trying to find 45% of their goals). One could argue they lucked out on finding 1 player who has changed their fortunes. One could say that, but I won’t. I don’t begrudge Tottenham fans of celebrating some modicum of trophyless success(?), but celebrating winning nothing displays a small club mentality while giving it large to the established top 5 clubs. You’re with the big boys at last, but only just, so relax on the billy biggies… Michael (“He’s one of our own”….honestly.)   Lies, damn lies and added value Has Pochettino added value to his squad as Dr Oyvind says? Or has the squad just got more valuable? Let’s look beyond the total statistics. No points for guessing Tottenham’s most valuable player: the homegrown Spurs player is valued at £108m according to transfermarkt, all of which is profit. No doubt Poch has influenced his growth, but he was just establishing himself when Pochettino came in, and he likely got the late developed at just the right time. Second up is Alli, £72m value making £64m added value. Alli stormed into the PL performing at roughly the same efficiency as at MK. Poch’s influence? Maybe, but why has he declined and not kicked on since then? His value holds as we know what he’s capable of, but Pochettino isn’t getting it right now. Eriksen has had a steady growth and I’d likely say growth like his is down to the manager: £51m added value. After those three there are few big increases, more a case of players on the by and large increasing thanks to the league positions. I’m not saying he hasn’t done anything, and he’s undoubtedly a fantastic manager, but playing Kane when he had no other striker and the board getting Alli over other suitors are not his own genius. He inherited a young squad who did fantastically, as opposed to Leicester, whose old squad did fantastically, and thus didn’t have the same room to grow in value. KC (you can’t add value if your players are expensive, but tell me City don’t make players better)   Edquoththeraven asks… Where is the new spiritual home of the Manchester United cast-off? That’s simple, it has been and always will be…..Everton. As soon as I hear that Man Utd are looking to throw away their crap, a shiver runs down my spine. Fat Man Scouse (Howard, Neville, Saha, Blomqvist, Hughes, Gibson, Schneiderlin, Rooney, thanks for the years of mediocrity)   More spiritual home of the cast-offs To Ed, It’s Everton. They will take every single one of those cast-offs, and they now have the money for it too! Fellaini and Young are out of contract, with the option of an extra year for Young, Blind has already had his extra year option taken up. Ironically it looks like the one of those they want to keep will be the one who leaves for free (Fellaini). United could have been more ruthless and cut Fellaini, Zlatan, Young & Blind (and around £500k a week) this Summer, but it looks like 2-3 of those will remain beyond this season despite obvious shortcomings. KC (would you pay a transfer fee plus £100k a week for Young?)     Typical Utd Fan (TUF for Short) Football 365 often refers to (PFM) Proper Football Men but you’ll soon have to start referring to certain Utd fans as Typical Utd Fans or TUF for short.Paul Murphy certainly falls into the latter category as everywhere you look there are Utd fans saying “we’re second,everything is fine”-it should be the new club mantra. Yes,Paul,you are second but at the start of the season everyone thought this was the minimum you’d achieve & due to it being Joses’ second season a lot of people thought you’d win it.Lets be honest,Utd have been dreadful this season,the standard of football has been shocking,absolutely diabolical.Yes,you are second but with a higher net spend then Liverpool,Spurs & Arsenal COMBINED.You are 2 points ahead of Liverpool,if you were 2 points off the top would you think you had no chance of winning the league?You may well finish second but don’t try & pretend this is because ye are playing swashbuckling,attacking football because ye are not.Pogba has scored 3 goals,Lukaku has 12,that is 160m+ worth of talent not performing.If Moyes was given a second season & was churning out dross like this(having spent a fortune)he would be booed out the building. Yes,ye were unlucky to lose to Ncastle yet when De Gea was motm as ye beat Arsenal all that was spouted was “that’s De Geas job,he’s the goalie,Arsenal bottled it” etc. Your manager has parked the bus AT HOME to City & away at Liverpool & somehow everything is fine.Yes,City have spent a fortune but look at the way they play football compared to the Portugese Pullis.And somehow Jose has earned a contract extension…you couldnt make it up really. Gussy, Ireland.   Revised list of best African Footballers I don’t know what Matt Stead was thinking in his top ten best African footballers to ever grace the Premier League but here is the real list. 10) Eric Djemba Djemba – so good they named him twice 9) Rigobert Song – best name in the history of the PL period. 8) Bruce Grobbelaar – his hips don’t lie. 7) Richard Kingston – otherwise known as the flapper 6) Djimi Traore – does Mo Salah have a champions league medal yet? 5) Hossam Ghaly – Remember him? You should 4) Mido – The only footballer who I could ever bare a similar resemblance to physically i.e. always overweight 3) Quinton Fortune – He was Fortune –ately to play with such a good team. (absolute top banter) 2) Tony Yeboah – Remember being a kid and playing football with your mates and trying to belt one in from 20 yards and screaming Yeboah!!!. No? just me? I’m nearly done I swear. 1) Ali Dia – The fact he was ever to play in the premier league is hope to all of us who wish to achieve great things in life. Well deserved. An honourable mention to Lucas Radebe...


Published By: Fottball 365 - Tuesday, 13 February, 2018

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