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Mails: Why are Liverpool not sniffing around Ozil?

Send your thoughts to Ozil for Liverpool Not sure if this particular idea has been mused by other mailers before, but here it is anyways. Liverpool have lost a creative midfield genius who while playing in midfield, can run with the ball, dribble, pass short, long and through, and shoot. All this while covering several km per game of hard running, tracking back, etc. Doesn’t this description suit a certain ex-La Liga player at Arsenal whose contract is running down and could be available for much much cheaper than 140 million? Yes, Ozil is about 4-5 years Coutinho’s senior, and I daresay Coutinho may run a tad bit faster than him, but he could be a perfect fit into Klopp’s system. He could play on the wing as an inside-forward with ability to roam anywhere, as he does now with Arsenal, or he could play in central midfield- a la De Bruyne, Silva, etc. coupled with the fact that he’s naturally left-footed, it would provide a nice balance in midfield. Just imagine Ozil and Keita in front of Henderson (?)/ Can, Mane, Firmino, Salah up front, a solid back four behind, and numerous options like the Ox, Lallana, Milner, Grujic to rotate with constantly. I’m about to cream my pants slightly. Please, Jurgen, make this happen… Darren   King of his own destiny What people seem to forget when they wonder why their club doesn’t bid for Sanchez is that he is the master of his own destiny. He wants to go to City and play for Pep. If Man Utd make a better offer (and the one they are rumored to have made is a better offer because it includes a player) that Arsenal accept, he can just refuse to go and wait to go to City in the summer. The person who will decide where Sanchez plays next is Sanchez. Arsenal have practically no say in the matter other than to accept whatever offer City make now, or let him go for free later. It is a situation of our own making and we only have ourselves to blame for it. So Manyoo can make as many bids as they like, but why would he choose to go from one archaic manager that wins the odd cup to another? And Chelsea are welcome to offer 50 million if they want, but why would he go and play for a manager that probably won’t be there next season? Adonis Stevenson, AFC   Mailbox review Just wanted to say that yesterday’s e-mail from Alex, Zurich about the media’s attitude to young footballers was the best, most incisive thing I’ve read in the Mailbox for a very long time. Harry, Cardiff   Pedant’s corner Am I being pedantic when I say that Neymar is not the world record transfer? Technically, PSG did not pay £198 million to Barcelona, they loaned it to Neymar so he could pay his release fee and then signed him on free. So it was not a transfer fee. This may seem like semantics but someday you will be at a table quiz and this knowledge could be vital. Kev (pedant and table quiz enthusiast)   Taking the Rooney rule further This is a long one, so forgive me. I spent the first 21 years of my life in India. While the caste system may be fairly well known outside of the country, whats less well known is the concept of reservation that permeates Indian society. A large proportion of government jobs( seen as plum positions due to the almost negligible firing rates ) as well as seats at the most prestigious universities are reserved for people belonging to historically oppressed communities. As the Indian caste equivalent of a straight white male, this means that less than 50% of the jobs, openings and university seats were available to me. Personal heartburn aside, I think the general consensus is that this reservation has led to a drop in the quality of government doctors, teachers and administrators. Opponents of this rule, and I include myself here, would rather have a reservation system based purely on financial merit and familial background. What this avoids is someone driving a BMW, who’s grandfather was born in a certain community, being given a tuition waiver due to their caste status. While I applaud the Rooney rule, the FA needs to be careful about the next steps it takes to avoid going down the similar reservation route. You already have a bunch of PFMs feeling hard done by, lets not make sure that their wounded feelings never actually have a legitimate source. Subir, CFC Singapore ( if this gets published I’m putting ‘Thrice published – F365’ on my MBA application resume)   City’s success is fleeting The subject in recent weeks has been how Man City, with all their wealth, are rolling over this league, ala PSG and the 2 Spanish giants. I disagree that the PL will become like the French, Spanish and German leagues, purely because of the last few seasons in the PL. In the last 5 years, we’ve had 4 different winners of the PL, even the teams that finished runners-up were different each year. Even though Man City, Man U & Chelsea have the money, they couldn’t stop Leicester winning, they didn’t stop Arsenal finishing 2nd that year. For me it’s a cycle, each year is going to be more difficult than the last, just look at Chelsea winning in 2015, we were sh*t the following year, same for Leicester the year after their win, same again this year for Chelsea once more, although yes Man City have the current reigns, I genuinely do not believe they will do the same next year, it’s just too damn difficult and that’s why I believe Man City are not ruining the game or the PL, it’s just their turn, the turn for the others will come around again. Players lose focus, teams figure out teams, managers lose the mojo, comfort sets in and you become complacent… not since Fergie was in charge have you seen any team truly dominate year in year out and you won;t see Man City win it again next year, I “almost” guarantee it. If JoMo stays at United for the whole year then I can see them taking it next year, if Conte is given the signings he needs and the support, I see us winning it, If Liverpool can continue their ethos, I don’t see why can’t either… all I’m saying is, Man City...


Published By: Fottball 365 - Friday, 12 January, 2018

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