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Who would you actually want your club to spend £300m on?

Send your thoughts to   Leave to Stew OK Stewie, We all get it, y​ou don’t like Arsene Wenger and have made that abundantly clear in literally every email you have ever sent to the hollowed pages of F365 but geez, give it a rest, please. He hasn’t been Arsenal’s manager now for 12 months and yet every email from you contains a dig at him. Did he slight you in some way? Did he smash your face into a car windshiled and then took your mother Louis, out for a nice steak dinner only to never call her again afterwards? I just don’t get it, for the love of all that is holy, Let. It. Go. Andy West CTID   I wonder… …if Stewie will still be blaming Wenger for everything that goes wrong at Arsenal 427 months after his departure? James, Kent.     WWSD? Stewie, great evisceration of the Arsenal squad constructed by the phoney Arsene Wenger. You have laid bare what rubbish we have been left with. Now it’s so clear what the problem is, what’s the solution? Peter   Cech, mate Now after reading Stewie Griffin’s mail from Friday I get the impression he just really doesn’t like Arsenal or their entire squad, but I felt the need to correct a point he brought up about Petr Cech. First of all he was sold to Arsenal out of good faith, Thibaut Courtois was clearly Chelsea’s first team keeper for the present and future, Petr Cech was far to good to just be a back up keeper and still was a top class player, he had also given his all for Chelsea and was loved by both the fans and Roman due to his achievements at the club, at the time he had a very young family that were settled in London and after clear the air talks it was sanctioned by Roman that he could join Arsenal, Jose Mourinho was not willing at all to sell to a rival team, this was brought up many a time by him, let’s not forget that during his debut season Petr Cech picked up the Golden Glove for the most clean sheets in the Premier League, he had a solid campaign, also lifting the FA Cup. Mikey, CFC (Petr Cech is arguably the greatest keeper of the Premier League era)   Sake, Arsene Other things Arsene Wenger can be blamed for. Global warming Love Island Piers Morgan Brexit The Star Wars prequels Bruce Dickinson leaving Iron Maiden in the early 90s The X Factor Donald Trump getting elected. New Transformers movies Falling on your keys That girl/boy you like not liking you back Coldplay Give it a rest man, go support someone else or stop watching football all together and enjoy your life. Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London   How would you spend £300m? Imagine this! The club you support has just made you Director of Footbal and handed you a kitty of 300 m GBP net spend to revamp the squad. Who would you buy and sell and what would be your first 11? Rules: – Only allowed players that are actually available and your club has a shot at getting. Messi for instance is going nowhere nor is De Jong going to United so can’t be included in your transfer business even if you buy just one player for 300 m. – You can not buy more than 1 player from any club. – Any player that was brought by another club this window, cannot be bought by your club, – The business your club has already done this window counts towards your transfer spending and cannot be sold. –  Use as most realistic values as possible based on latest transfer rumors. – Add ons are included in costs Go! Se here’s my United business: RB: Bisaka (50 m – club buy) Winger: Daniel James (20 m – club buy) CB: Alderweild (28 m) – They clearly need someone with experience. Maguire is not that level yet to induce calm in defense while Kalidou, my first choice, does not seem available. CM: Milinkovic-Savic (75 m) – What United lack most is a replacement for Matic. However, there are no top quality defensive central midfielders so we get Savic instead (who is used to a more attacking role) and hope that he is good enough defensively. AM: Bruno Fernandes (62 m) – Debated about getting Eriksen but Fernandes has better scoring record which United need. Also, there are not many rumors linking United with Eriksen suggesting that he is not interested anyway.. Winger: Nicolas Pepe (60 m) I wold have prioritized signing a strike but none are available that have proving scoring prowess so Lukaku stays another year. United also need wingers who can score. Daniel James is still too young and Pepe is someone who can add goals to the squad immediately. Total spending: 295 million. (We offer 2 million bonus for the striker who gets 20+ goals and 3 million bonus for any other player who does the same.) Adeel    Klopp that Watching the meltdown on sh*t media outlets(I am looking at you S#N) regarding Liverpool’s transfer spree, it got me thinking if Klopp was having another go at his initial vision for Liverpool first 11. Young, hungry players who would follow his instructions to the word. Remember when he gave Mignolet a 5 year contract? Or backing Lovren, Moreno and blooding youngsters like Ibe, Brannagan, etc. Upon finding that none of his players could deliver, he tweaked and went for high quality talent and improved them to win us a trophy. Now with enormous Goodwill in the bank and more support, I believe he will go for initial strategy again. The difference this time is the world class talent like Van Dijk, Salah, Mane, Fabinho, Alisson and Firmino to look up to. Training and competing with them and most importantly, being in an environment where a trophy has been won, pressure is off but the hunger to win the league remains, Klopp has a chance of succeding this time around. Hoping to see the academy come to the fore. Vikas, LFC, India(Lamps at Chelsea makes me excited to see the kids shine)   Kitted out Just want to say, love the article on the new kit BS! All of a sudden excited for the season to start, and to see United down 1-0 at home to Crystal Palace. Henry, LFC, Köln   Neymar nails Who could’ve predicted Neymar’s Paris dreams would’ve turned sour after...


Published By: Fottball 365 - Sunday, 14 July

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