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Why is it strange if Man Utd go down? Their issues started in 2007

Send your mails to…   Why is it strange if Utd go down? Why does Zee jay think it would be a shock if we go down let’s add up the facts Poor Recruitment :Stop being brainwashed and saying since Ed Wood….  it actually goes back to  2007 , (there was article on this site about Fergie and Gills last 25 signings, read it) .There were some all time classic duds like Possebon,Anderson,Obertan and  Bebe  only difference is back then Manchester United used to inject a few players who weren’t disasters like De Gea,Nani but the hits  were not that many,and you know there is an issue, when one of the hits is Smalling. It’s been getting  worse, till this summer. Squad – The culmination of that is the worst Man Utd squad of the premier league era, that now depends on Pereirra and Fred in Midfield that is not a mis-print, two many bad players  have been allowed to stay. Managers  and Style of play: Most haven’t lived up to their reputations the play has been atrocious League position on a steady decline,since 2012/13. If this wasn’t Man U relegation  would have happened last yea,r there are now fewer opportunities to continue making mistakes, It could be people who want Ole to stay are wrong and  we finally drop out it could also be Allegri or Poch come in are shown to be over rated  watch this space…… Roode, MUFC   Yes I do have a small workload today Excellent hypothetical piece about Man Utd getting relegated today (could the mailbox be back to its best?) but one that evoked similar thoughts about F1 and Ferrari. Ferrari leave F1 and we’re all doomed apparently. Hence the extra money they receive over and above everyone else. If ever there was a sport that was biased towards one team, it’s F1. So all this support plus favourable decisions by the FIA and they STILL can’t beat Mercedes who racked up their record 6th consecutive constructors championship this weekend. This was after 4 years of Red Bull domination. Mercedes are successful in spite of Ferrari just like Man City are successful in spite of Manchester Utd and all their history. Basically I’m agreeing with ZeeJayEff (Ashely OUT) Bahrain and am saying how much I hope that relegation happens as I love to see change that many don’t. But hey, everyone who supports a shit team can hope for it one day, then we’ll see which of the doom-mongering prophecies will be a complete pile of bollocks. Just like Brexit, fnar Fat Man   Croatian cynicism As a professional Welshman I enjoyed a day of sport on Sunday. Wales won the egg chasing with an unconvincing display from the second string, but I am writing to outline what I think football could learn from rugby refereeing. I have long thought that football would be improved by improvements to the advantage law – play on for 10-20 seconds, if no shot or ground is gained, play can go back to the position where the foul took place. Furthermore, to prevent time wasting, the clock should stop when the ball is out of play. Halves could be reduced in length to forty minutes as well, as the ball doesn’t actually spend more than 70 minutes in play currently. Yesterday, Uruguay repeatedly fouled as Wales approached their try line, and were warned by the referee that the next such infringement would result in a sin bin for whichever player commits it. Skip forward ten hours and I see Croatia repeatedly nullify Wales’ attack with a series of niggling, innocuous fouls that took place within 5 seconds of any transition. Now, Wales have a one dimensional attack based on the pace of Bale and James, especially as Ramsey hasn’t played for almost a year, but it seems unfair that Croatia got away with this unsporting tactic without so much as a yellow. It was a clear pattern the referee failed to notice or attempt to control, and he failed to protect the Welsh players. He ought to have the power to give a warning that the next, and any subsequent, cynical challenge would result in a yellow card for whoever committed it, within his discretion. Wales gave a good account of themselves against the World Cup runners up, and for the second half there looked like only one team could win it, even if actual chances were few and far between. Giggs has had a sketchy record so far, but seems to have stumbled across a system with defensive stability which had been lacking. We go into the last two matches with everything to play for. EJG   More ‘WSL Winners and Losers’ Please Loved James Vortkamp-Tong’s ‘WSL Winners and Losers’.  Would be great to see it every week after a WSL round of fixtures! Carla   Brendan Rodgers and the self-potrait Neil, Glasgow in his email about Steven Gerrard and Rangers finds time to take a swipe at Brendan Rodgers by reminding us that he had a 6 foot portrait of himself in his house. Apparently that’s all the evidence we need to know he is self-absorbed. However as this piece at The Athletic revealed recently, the portrait was a gift given to him by a disabled Swansea fan. Sometimes things aren’t as straightforward as they appear. Turiyo Damascene   Johnny Nic I heard Johnny on the radio yesterday, been reading his work for well over a decade.. sounded funny to finally hear his actual voice. Ben (keep up the good work JN) Howarth   I’ve been actively avoiding Johnny’s articles recently as I just don’t agree with a lot of his views but the recent article on England fans being bellends abroad was both accurate and eloquent. As for his question as to what the women in these d**k head’s lives think, I suspect they think “I’d better not comment on this in case he gets aggressive in front of the kids” sadly. Hopefully this is a species that dies out as a new generation comes through and the world can stop dreading the English coming to their country for a football match. Olly (Isle of Man)   Mason Mount I have Just one issue with what Daniel Storey said in his piece on England mimicking liverpools fullbacks, and funnily enough it has nothing to do with the headline at all, claiming that to play mason mount on the left of a front 3 is trying to put a square peg in a round hole would have...


Published By: Fottball 365 - Monday, 14 October

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